Cork, Ireland

Date Event Info.
Apr, 5/6 Autism, Anxiety & the A.R.T. of Body Cognition, Cork, T12 CRA0 Ireland More
Apr, 7 A.R.T. - Beyond the fundamentals*, Cork, T12 CRA0 Ireland More

*Day 3 (Apr, 7) may only be attended by those who have successfully completed Days 1&2

Pictures from our inaugural 2018 event in Cork


Holly Bridges returns to Ireland with an all-new workshop for 2019. In this two-day CPD accredited foundation course, you will learn how people on the spectrum may 'reconnect' through a process of self-discovery, and begin to feel empowered with all manner of things become possible spontaneously. The artfulness of this technique is in creatively working with the person to balance the need for safety vs the need for growth; helping each person to both discover and witness their potential. When we demonstrate that we are re-educating the body, students are quickly able to connect with this truth and become motivated to try.

So much of traditional autism therapy is devoted to removing variances and aligning
with the typical. What if this is a false benchmark against which we judge those on the autism spectrum?

For too long we have had a very narrow focus on autism as deficit without being able to see the incredible benefits associated with being on the spectrum. A hundred years or so of a reductionist model has left us focused on deficits and seeing pathology instead of looking through the wider lens of enhanced perception and alternate ways of seeing and being.

Reframing autism is about celebrating diversity. It is tapping into the innate intelligence, brilliance and creativity of enhanced perception – a field that people on the spectrum often inhabit – and helping people to make the most of their gifts.

Reframing Autism

Holly's approach starts from the premise that everyone on the spectrum is intelligent and can upgrade their mind / body connection - if they are given the right tools and are treated respectfully, positively, and creatively. A.R.T. is a process and toolkit to realize and sustain positive outcomes, and the results can be amazing.

Two Day Workshop

Autism, Anxiety & the A.R.T. of Body Cognition

30 Hours of accredited CPD over 2 days

The 2-day course will equip attendees with a foundation grounding in The Autism Reframe Technique. It will explore the new therapeutic outcomes that may be realised when physical therapy is combined with cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology. The course comprises foundation theory, evidence & research and examples of practical exercises structured around Case Histories in Australia, Europe and The USA. See the article in the Irish Examiner

Is this for me?

No prior knowledge is required, since extensive learning materials are provided. The Program has been attended world-wide by Autists, Parents, Doctors, Optometrists, Occupational Speech Therapists, Chiropractors, Psychologists & Support Workers.

  1. Those on the spectrum and their parents and supporters
  2. Therapists and counsellors who routinely treat clients with autism and asperger syndrome.
  3. Organisations that treat autism/asperger's who are looking for an innovative & cost-effective new service.

What are the learning outcomes?

  1. Reframing the paradigm of autism
  2. The role of the history of autism and autism research in shaping current therapeutic practice
  3. The Polyvagal Theory: how the body impacts autism
  4. A working model of the Polyvagal Theory – how to make the PVT accessible to clients + families
  5. The physical aspects of anxiety and stress and how they impact our physical and mental health
  6. A practical understanding of the complex interrelationship between the gut, brain, vestibular and limbic system and how this determines our sense of self
  7. Principles of brain plasticity and how to apply in a therapeutic setting
  8. Principles of co-design and how to apply in a therapeutic setting
  9. How expectation in general autism therapy leads to a ‘glass ceiling’ and failure for the client
  10. Conceptualising a new paradigm of therapy for ASD: what it can look like
  11. The principles of body cognition and interoception and how they apply to ASD
  12. How to work with ASD and interoception somatically – the 80/20 rule
  13. Somatic tools to apply clinically
  14. Knowledge of the therapeutic possibilities with a wider appreciation of autism
  15. Autism Reframe Technique

What are the core elements?

Reframing: Exploring autism from a different perspective; shifting from a myopic ‘deficit’ model - what people with autism can’t do - to one that explores and believes in the creative and intellectual potential of each individual

The Polyvagal Theory: The vagus nerve responds to our internal and external needs and takes us into a flight/fight state but can also take us into an involuntary shut-down immobilized state. Autism/Asperger is a physical response the body has that is a little out of our control that has nothing to do with intelligence.

Neuroception: PVT is based on the principle of neuroception, that ‘The body has a complex network of information gathering that alerts us to safety and danger’.

Brain Plasticity: The brain’s ability to respond and rewire - at any age. Tapping into the innate intelligence of the mind/body. Realizing self-capacity and self-belief.

Unlearning: Ending top-down models of therapy and seeing that the client is at the front and centre of the process.

Codesign: Codesign is a fluid process and not a destination. It is opening our vision; collaboration vs coercion; possibility vs deficit.

One Day Workshop

A.R.T. - Beyond the fundamentals

How to achieve and sustain Body Cognition

*Day 3 (Apr, 7) may only be attended by those who have successfully completed Days 1&2

This One Day Intensive Workshop is designed for people who want to apply A.R.T. therapeutically, and provides a much deeper grounding in the exercises outlined in Days 1 & 2. It is a chance to learn the exercises in detail, to see the inner workings, and to ask questions. It facilitates an intimate understanding of A.R.T. and provides a hands-on opportunity to see how A.R.T. is applied in a wide variety of circumstance, by learning directly from Holly.

There is nothing quite like this anywhere in the world. It is an opportunity to connect with this new paradigm of therapy and to learn tools for yourselves, your clients and your loved ones. A lot of good can happen when we let down our preconceived ideas about what normal is and ‘should be’. When we do this we are truly present to the people we work with.

Is this for me?

The focus is on how we support growth and change through appreciating and working with neurodiversity. Useful for professionals, therapists, support workers, parents and people on the spectrum. Ideal for Professionals looking to progress to become an A.R.T. therapist.

What does the workshop comprise?

  1. Learn how the nervous system impacts autism, how to reduce sensory overload and how to gain greater mental clarity, through working with the vagus nerve.
  2. Learn how to improve vagal tone, with intelligence and safety.

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